• James E. Stine, Jr., Director

Post Doctorate and Visiting Scholars

Graduate Students

  • Samira Ataei
  • Matthew Gaalswyk
  • Tuan Nguyen
  • Rabin Thapa

Undergraduate Students


  • Robert Elliott, M.S., December 2014
  • Mehedi Sarwar, Ph.D., May 2014, First Job: Intel
  • Masoud Sadeghian, Ph.D., May 2014, First Job: Abreezio
  • Son Bui, Ph.D.
  • Harsha Choday, M.S., May 2009
  • Jonathan Holden, M.S., May 2009
  • Eric Schubert, M.S., May 2012
  • Manju Subbarayappa, M.S., May 2013
  • Jun Chen, Ph.D., December 2008, First Job: Avalink
  • Ivan Castellanos, Ph.D., May 2008, First Job: Intel
  • Johannes Grad, Ph.D., May 2006, First Job: Cadence Design Systems

Prospective Students

Please feel free to peruse our web page. I am interested in the areas of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) and how it relates to implementation of arithmetic datapaths on general-purpose and applications-specific processors. I am also interested in memory units that interface to processors to perform elementary function approximation, lookup tables, register files, content addressable memory, and other memory functions. For all this research, my focus targets multiple areas of area, power, and delay.

Interested students who want to work with me are encouraged to contact me. For all students who want funding, you must first get admitted to the University before I consider you. Therefore, it would be highly advantageous to first apply to the University and get acceptance. At that time, I can get you the funding you require. If you have questions related to this process or if there is something I can do to faciliate the process, please feel free to contact me.

– Professor James E. Stine, Jr.