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FreePDK: Unleashing VLSI to the Masses

System-on-Chip Designs for SCMOS MOSIS AMI 0.6um, AMI 0.35um, TSMC 0.25um, and TSMC 0.18um

Welcome to System on Chip (SoC) Design Flows at Oklahoma State University for AMI 0.6um, AMI 0.35um, TSMC 0.25um, TSMC 0.18um brought to you by the VLSI Computer Architecture Research Group group at the Oklahoma State University!

Release Notes

Please note that AMI 0.5um is only available right now for v2.5 flow. TSMC is currently being updated and will be placed in a new version no later than 6/30/07. If you need TMSC 0.25um or 0.18um, v2.4 should still work but only for Cadence back-end. We apologize for the delay with this, so please bear with us while we update our flow.

New for Version 2.5

All bugs, comments, questions, or any criticisms are highly encouraged. Please contact James Stine at to contribute to the cause.